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Canadian Male F.A.Q.:

If you are an escort, create your free profile and upload images of yourself by signing up.

Then we review your ad and pictures to dismiss the non serious and the illegal ones. After approval your ad will immediately be visible to all visitors of our site.
(You must login and upload your images after signing up). When you want to update the details of your ad (location, description, pictures, etc) simply login and edit your profile.

Our escort service is completely free!
Public Profile Linking:

Sign up, complete your info and you can give out and/or post a link like this:
http://www.canadianmale.com/myad.asp?escort=escort_name as your personal escort ad in any website or publication.
We will also promote our website and therefore increase the visibility of your ad, but you must upload good pictures of yourself and complete your profile accurately.

Profile Rating:

At the moment profiles without pictures will only be visible when users request a specific search or click on “Show all escorts” while the other profiles are shown by default. The default order of the profiles is by "rating". The total rating is the sum of the average rating of users' reviews, the number of photos uploaded (maximum of 8) and the admin bonus rating assigned by our staff. This "admin rating" is subjectively based on the quality of photos uploaded, the completeness of the profile and the clients' reviews.

Clients' Reviews:
The users of this website are potential clients of the escorts listed.
Escorts: Encourage your current clients to enter a review of you in our site (Canadianmale.com) and you will see an increase in calls. The link to enter a review is at the bottom of the escort's details page. Reviews will be posted on the website after approval.
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